Boat stay in the guest harbour (overnight)

The price includes welcome coffee and juice for kids, sauna, WC, WiFi, waste management and dishwashing place. Pier electricity 5,00 / boat / night

The visit payment includes 4 sauna visitors. The communal men's and women's sauna are open from 16.00 until 21.00 during the summer season.

We take a limited amount of boat place reservations for over 45 foot sized boats, this is 45€ / night excluding electricity. 

In July we don't unfortunately take reservations for the same day.

Depth close to the shore is 2,5 m and further away 6,5 m. Anchoring in the bay area is forbidden.


Bed & Breakfast - sleep in the old coast guard station

We have four renovated bedrooms with two beds each. The room price includes bedsheets, breakfast, wifi, towels, shared sauna and bathroom.

105,00€/ room / night (including bedsheets and towels)

Room price using your own bedsheets and towel 85€ / room / night.

Cot 15,00 including bedsheets.

Pets are welcome!

For bookings and any special requests, please email us on info@bodo.fi

starting 85€

Floating Sauna 

Private session in an atmospheric wood-heated floating sauna 55 min. Sauna rental 50€ / 55min including four people, for each additional person we charge 3€ / person due to the limited amount of clean water. Our staff cleans the sauna between each turn.

Limited reservations in advance available, otherwise reservation to be made on arrival. In July we don't unfortunately take reservations in advance for the same day.

from 50€