Newly renovated Bodö has great atmosphere and it's located in the middle of the Archipelago National Park. You can visit us with ferries or your own boat.

Your boat

Come from the sea lane to our bay. If you come from the north, leave enough space between you and the rocks by the surface. Afterthem you can approac the dock freely. 

The depth is 1.5m (4.9 feet) close to the beach and 2-4 metres further. Anchoring at the bay is strictly prohibited due to the bottom cables. We have mooring buoys for boats.

The harbor fee is 18,00€-25,00€ / boat. We can not take reservations, the spots are filled in arriving order. The harbor fee includes a welcome coffee and juice for kids, boat place, sauna, dry toilets, Wi-Fi, and waste management (non-hazardous waste), as well as dish washing place. With us you can pay by cash or by card (Bank card, Visa, Master)

Coming from the shore

You can visit Bodö with either a ferry or charter. All the information is currently in Finnish. We apologize for the inconvinience.

Harbour Kirjainen
M/S Nordep aikataulu
Puh 045-129 4779

Harbour Saaristokeskus Korpoström
AspöCharter yhteystiedot

lat 59°54.491' lon 21°45,0'
Puh 050 5432 905

The guest office can be found from yellow building by the shore and it's open 16.6 - 13.8 between 9.00 - 21.00.

Phone coverage is sometimes poor in the outer archipelago, so please leave amessage, if you can not catch us.