In the summer of 2016 we opened a café-restaurant and guest harbour in connection to the abandoned coast guard station. The services on Bodö are going to expand until 2019! 


Bodö's green main building was finished in 1967 and was until 1991 a coast guard station. A memory and a landmark from this time is a tower, that is still being used by the coast guard. The building was empty and without residents for about 25 years, until the restorations begun. The area had become forested, and all the old paths were covered. Now Bodö is being restored continuously until 2019. 


In the summer of 2018, we offer our customers our guest harbour (no electricity for now), Bistro-café and a terrace with b-licence, fun things to do for children, a nature path finished by midsummer and a 2km walking path, a sauna in the main building and a reservable sauna. Inside the main building you can spend time playing board games and eating. 

We have 5 two-person rooms, and also rent out Tentsile treetents for a unique camping experience. For our boaters we have a dishwashing-station. We are also increasing the number of outhouses. The tidying and clearing of the yard continues.  


We are expanding the number of berths for the summer 2019, when it also will be possible to get electricity to the boat.    

A garbage station is being built for 2018, when we will be a "Roope"-harbor. The guard tower can't be visited yet, but hopefully we will gain access to it in the future. A swimming beach is planned to open 2019. The largest project will be building a separate sauna and a new service house, where the harbour office and a covered terrace will be.