During the summer season 2018 the harbour fee is 18€/boat. The harbour fee includes a welcome coffee and juice for kids, boat place, sauna in the main building for 4 people, outhouses, wifi, garbage disposal (not special/hazardous waste) and a dishwashing station. Boats over 40 feet 25€/boat, maximum 6 sauna-goers, and docking sideways is 25€/boat. 

The depth around the pier is 2,5 at the shore, and 2-4 meters further out. Anchoring at the pier or in the bay is strictly prohibited.   


We have 5 renovated rooms in the main building, with 2 beds in each room. Accomondation includes bed linen, 42€/night. Accomondation with own sleeping bag 32€/person/night. Breakfast is included in the price, for the rooms in the main building.

Tentsile tree tents - an adventurous experience! We rent out 3 tents, which accommodate 6 people altogether. 65€/night (own sleeping bag).


The sauna and washrooms included in the harbour fee are in the main building. The sauna shifts begin at 17:00, with separate shifts for men and women that change hourly.

Our floating, wood fired sauna offers a unique, wonderful experience and can be booked for 38€/hour. The sauna fits max. 6 persons at time


We deliver groceries from Nötöboden to the nearby islands and to Bodö. The order needs to be done before 15:00 and delivery is made every day between 17-19. Delivery to Bodö is 5€/delivery. For orders over 80€ the delivery fee is included. 


We rent out canoes and kayaks. The price includes a paddle, spray deck and life vest..

10€/hour, 25€/day


We rent out stand-up paddle boards. The price includes a sup-board, paddle and a life vest. 

The first hour: 20€, following hours 10€. 1 day: 60€ 2 days: 100€


We are working on a nature path during the spring of 2018 and the path is planned to be finished by midsummer. At the moment there is a marked walking trail, which is about 2km one way. The trail goes through varying terrain, and ends at the southern tip of the island. When the weather is good, you can see all the way to Utö with binoculars! 


is an active adventure game for families. Kids and families can do tasks following the instructions on the signs. The tasks are collected in a book, which encourages to visit other islands. The tasks contain a lot of information about the nature and culture on the islands.